Be proud of your story.

It just might inspire someone.

The things that make me different

are the things that make me.

You're braver than you believe,

and stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think.

Welcome to TransParent website

TransParent association was officially founded in January of 2016 and its purpose is to promote and protect rights and dignity of LGBTI children, youth and their families along with promoting and protecting basic human rights and corrosion policy. Association includes not only parents, but transgender children themselves with their families and friends that are familiar with the subject-matter and want to help out. The association is registered and operates in Croatia and regional territory.

About TransParent

TransParent was started with a goal of protecting the rights and dignity of transgender, intersexual and gender variant children and youth along with strengthening and supporting their families. We provide group and individual support to our protégées and organize educations and public meetings with the subject being status and position of transgender people in society.

The beginnings

Initially, TransParent was created as a parents’ initiative in cooperation with TransAid in 2015. with purpose of giving support to parents of transgender children and youth. Since January of 2016. the association is working independently and supports parents of gender non-normative, transgender, transsexual, intersexual and LGB children and trans* parents themselves in facing the problems and obstacles on a daily basis.

The future

Our wish is to gather and empower as many parents and families as possible and encourage them to work together on achieving happy and healthy life for trans* children, youth and their families, promoting their rights and raising awareness about the problems they face. The main goal is to make it possible for trans* people to live a life free of legal obstacles and discrimination and to educate the society about gender identity and gender diversities.

If you think or know that you have a gender non-normative, transgender, transsexual, intersexual or LGB child, or you yourself are transgender or transsexual parent and you need help, we’re here to guide and support you.